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You have rights as a Tenant

tenant rightsWhen you are living under the roof of another person, there are rights that you have. You often will sign a contract that details what exactly you and the landlord are responsible for. When those rights are violated, that means the landlord is violating civil and sometimes criminal law. While there is a lengthy list of laws that pertain to it, often you can hire a tenant lawyer to help you.

A Tenant lawyer is a lawyer who specialized in tenant/landlord or even real estate rights. They have years of training and understand what the limits of your rights are as a tenant and see to them being upheld legally.

What can a Tenant Lawyer do to Help you?

rights as a tenantResearch – The first step that tenant lawyers will follow is extensive research. They will investigate the claims that you levy against your landowner and see who is to the right. Depending on the actions taken by either party, the lawyer will begin building their case.

Mediation – The next step that any lawyer will take is mediation. Often they will present the claims and laws to the tenant and ask how they want to proceed. Often there will be an attempt for a peaceful mediation between both parties so that there will be no need to go to court.

Defense – If it does go to court, the tenant lawyer can come to the defense of the tenant to ensure the law is upheld for who is right. They may choose to bring their lawyer in the mix, but often it doesn’t get to this level unless the case is much more nuanced, which it seldom is.

Kadoch Law

When you need a tenant lawyer, you need someone who understands the South Florida market better than anyone. Michael Kadoch has been living and working as a lawyer in South Florida for several years and often helps with real estate and tenant cases. If you would like to learn more about our services or rates, or if you would like to present your evidence to us, just give us a call today at (954) 713-9423!


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