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Why Real Estate Attorneys Save you Money and Time

Often you might find here that you should not hire a real estate attorney for the selling or buying of your home. This could not be further from the truth. The fact is that real estate attorneys save your money and time for the entire ordeal. Real estate attorneys bring in expertise and candor to any transaction.

The Objective Truth

The nature of our payment – It is true that if you hire a real estate attorney to go through contracts and follow through a sale if the sale goes flat, you still have to pay the attorney. This is because the attorney is tasked with determining the information and making it as clear as possible to you. They have no stake in the transaction; they are usually just hired to make sure there aren’t any traps or stipulations not clearly stated in the contract.

attorneys save you moneyThe nature of their payment – The Realtors do not charge for their services because they are working on commission. This means that they are tasked with making sure money changes hands for them to receive their payday.

The difference in Payments – Ultimately, that is the fine line between a real estate attorney and a realtor. An attorney makes money for accurately deciphering the contract and conveying it to you, the buyer/seller. The realtor makes money when they can sell a house, regardless of the contractual information.

The difference in Education – The other important aspect to acknowledge is the difference in education. Now the realtor exam is no joke; it is a difficult test crammed with tons of knowledge. However, a dedicated study can learn all the ins and outs of being a realtor in a few months. Being a real estate attorney takes anywhere from 4-6 years for the base level education. So while they may be expensive, real estate attorneys are worth their weight in gold.

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